You may have seen our recent Christmas TV advert, telling the tale of a dog who gets thrown away like rubbish when the festive fun ends. Sadly, for many dogs like Missy, this story is all-too real.

We'll be caring for around 1,500 stray and abandoned dogs during the Christmas period.

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Three-legged Boxer cross, Missy was found wandering the streets just days before Christmas.

She had been thrown away like she was nothing – just another piece of rubbish. Thankfully, Missy was rushed into our care. She was clearly traumatised by her ordeal but what made her situation even more critical was that she was heavily pregnant.

We did everything we could to make sure she and her puppies knew they weren’t rubbish - It’s what we do for every dog that comes through our doors.

We immediately settled Missy into a private kennel in our puppy block. When Missy went into labour, she was very scared and confused. Instead of settling in one place to give birth, she kept pacing her kennel, so we needed to be on-hand to keep her puppies safe as they were delivered on the move. Sadly, despite doing all we could to help, one of the puppies didn’t make it. But with our dedicated veterinary team and the specialist round-the-clock care of Canine Carers, Missy and the rest of her seven pups were safe.

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Missy’s story is not a rare one - Christmas is one of our busiest times of the year.

Unfortunately, dogs are often abandoned at this busy and expensive time of year, as many people underestimate just how much time, love and care a dog really needs. And as Missy was expecting, there would soon be more mouths to feed too.

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We need to make sure we can give abandoned dogs like her the urgent treatment, care and love they’ve missed out on.

In the following weeks and months, Missy was struggling after her traumatic experience. It took lots of help from our hard-working behaviour team and Canine Carers to develop and work on a training plan which built her confidence.

At Dogs Trust, we believe a dog is for life, not just for Christmas® and we never put down a healthy dog.

At this time of year, when you’ll be thinking about buying wrapping paper, gift tags and other things that will be thrown away, please remember that some dogs like Missy will be treated the same way.

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Please show another abandoned dog like Missy that they’re not rubbish, with a gift this Christmas.

  £3 buys tempting dog treats which help a nervous stray to trust people again.

blanket icon   £8 can buy cosy bedding which provides a safe place for an expecting mother like Missy to give birth.

health icon   £13 helps towards the cost of crucial veterinary checks for another dog found thrown away like rubbish this Christmas.