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Little Rosie was scared and shaken when she was brought into our rehoming centre as a stray. She had deep open wounds on her leg that needed urgent treatment. X-rays revealed that she had a broken leg and fractured pelvis, and unfortunately her leg was too severely damaged to be saved.

But we knew three legs wouldn’t stop Rosie from having a full fun-filled life. Being so small and fragile, we decided she would recover best in our special puppy kennels. Over the next six weeks she received intensive post-op care, physiotherapy, and a lot of love and cuddles from our canine carers. All their hard work paid off, as they knew it would, and Rosie is back to running and jumping around to her hearts content.

Our dedicated vets and carers need to be there, ready to save lives like Rosie’s. But with our vet costs rising, your support is more important now than ever. With your help, we’ll do whatever we can to make dogs like Rosie happy, healthy and ready for the future.

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