Golden Oldies | Dogs Trust

On average, our OAD's (Old Age Dogs) spend around 27 more days at Dogs Trust than puppies, and it costs £23.64 per day to keep them happy and healthy. Dogs Trust promises never to put down a healthy dog. A gift from you today will help us keep our promise, and give older dogs a long and happy future.


My name is Spencer and even though I'm nine years old (that's 63 in dog years), I always make sure I look my best.

A grooming brush costs £7.50

Hi, I’m Lou Lou the Staffie. I recently had to have a tooth removed due to old age, but Dogs Trust were very gentle and I was soon running around again with my best friend Toodles.

Antibiotics for a dog like Lou Lou cost £20

My name’s Alfie, and I just love my treats! Luckily, I've got my own special diet so I can still enjoy my food whilst staying fit and healthy.

£5 buys a healthy treat for a top dog

I’m Murphy and even though Iím 10 and a half, I just love playing with my toys and games. It’s important to keep my mind active, especially as I’m getting on a bit.

An interactive dog toy costs £15