Last year our stray dog survey found that 56,000 stray dogs were handled by local authorities across the UK. It’s still a huge problem, but with your help we can be ready to give abandoned dogs critical care and comfort when it’s needed most. Dogs like Hockney…

Hockney’s story

After being dumped in a cardboard box in a field at just 5 weeks old, with no blankets, food, or water, Hockney desperately whimpered for help. No puppy of Hockney’s age should be away from their mum, let alone left to fend for themselves in a field. He wouldn’t have made it through the cold night if he hadn’t been discovered.

Left: Hockney in a box, right: Hockney looking skinny  

When he arrived at Dogs Trust, Hockney was trembling with fear. The ordeal had really taken its toll on the poor pup’s health. He was alarmingly underweight at just under 1kg – less than a bag of sugar - and the skin on his tiny body was so riddled with mange, that even picking Hockney up for a comforting cuddle would have been distressing for him.

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We rushed Hockney to our vet, John, who immediately examined him and gave him some much-needed pain relief. John discovered that Hockney had worms and such severe mange that patches of his fur had fallen out. He prescribed Hockney tablets and a series of soothing baths for his sore skin. Hockney needed round-the-clock care.

Left: Hockney with a vet, right: Hockney being bathed

After lots of TLC from our vet and our Canine Carers, Hockney’s health has improved and his fur has started to grow back. He’s gained strength and doubled in weight too. Now he loves being made a fuss of, and his cuddles are some of the most sought-after in the rehoming centre – you’d never know this trusting pup had been through so much.

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That’s why at Dogs Trust we never put down a healthy dog. We’ll do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to help them live a happy life.

Left: Hockney being cuddled, right: Hockney running towards camera

Sadly, Hockney will not be the last dog in desperate need of our care and love. Please donate today and help us save another vulnerable, abandoned dogs life. Thank you.

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health icon   £3 can pay towards worming treatment to help a poorly stray like Hockney.

blanket icon   £8 can pay towards anti-inflammatories to provide relief for an abandoned dog in pain and discomfort.

skin icon   £13 can buy special shampoo to sooth dogs with a sore skin condition.