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Will you mend our broken hearts?

We lost everything because of the pandemic.

TicTac and Badger were left heartbroken the day their loving owner had to say goodbye. The pandemic meant that they had to leave their pub home and though their owner tried everything, they could no longer keep the pair.

Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more dogs like them, whose poor owners face financial hardship and health implications brought on by the pandemic and forced to ask Dogs Trust for help.

 We’re doing all we can to be there and change the tale for these dogs by mending their broken hearts, but we can’t do it without your help.

For pairs like Tictac and Badger who’ve lost everything, we’re making sure they’re kept together and don’t face losing each other too. But that means they need double the home comforts, walks, beds, space and time until we find them a loving forever home again.


And sadly, TicTac and Badger are not the only ones left heartbroken because of this human crisis. Recently, Dogs Trust has received one call every 11 minutes from desperate and caring owners needing to handover their dog – that’s an average of 50 calls a day – and a lot of dog’s hearts that need mending.

We need to be ready to offer those dogs safe and warm shelter, urgent medical care, nutritious meals, special training, and the support and love they will be missing - whatever it takes to mend their hearts - but our resources are stretched more than ever.

If you can, please will help mend broken hearts with a gift today?


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Marley's Story

Poor Marley’s owner sadly passed away due to Covid. Moving to new surroundings was confusing for this senior Staffy who just loved to be around people. But your donations help make sure dogs like him have all the company they adore and energy needed to play their favourite games.

Angelica and Pippa's story

Angelica and Pippa’s poor owner could no longer care for the pair after developing long term health conditions because of Covid. Overwhelmed with new people, dogs like these little Chihuahua’s need special training to help them grow in confidence, ready for new love, which we can provide thanks to people like you.

Bonzo's story

14-year-old Bonzo’s beloved owner died during the pandemic and Bonzo was found days later alone in the home. Underweight, stressed and hungry thanks to you we can make sure elderly dog’s like Bonzo gets the urgent medical care and comfort they to feel better.

Shadow and Savanagh's story

Mum and Daughter Shadow and Savanagh arrived with us during the pandemic after their poor owner’s life-threatening illness meant they could no longer cope with such big, strong dogs. The pair are inseparable so your donation means we can keep pairs like them together and offer the urgent surgery dog’s like Shadow need after it was revealed she had a poorly eye.


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