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Thank you so much for showing up for our nation’s dogs at a time when it really is needed the most. Your support truly means the world, especially to all those dogs who will be affected in the aftermath of crisis.

The impact of Covid-19 on dog owners around the UK means we anticipate an additional 40,000 dogs could need our help. So we need your support, now more than ever before. We know after the 2008 recession there was an increase in stray and abandoned dogs, and we’ve already started to see some of the dogs who have been affected by this pandemic.

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Elderly Joe was found wandering the streets alone as lockdown eased.

He had heavily matted fur and looked as though he had been on the streets for some time. Once in our care he was checked over by our vets where it was discovered that he also had a heart murmur, arthritis, irritated skin, an infection in both ears and sight loss.

Poor Joe must have been so frightened, confused and lonely.

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13 year old Bunny came into our care when his owner tragically passed away from COVID-19.

But we’ll ensure he is comfortable, safe and happy until we find a new loving home for him. Whilst caring for the dogs currently in our centres, we are also preparing for the long term impact on dogs across the UK.

Changes to our daily routines could mean more dogs develop behavioural issues. Vet costs may put strains on already-stretched finances. And the rise of illegal puppy smuggling during lockdown could mean people get new pups with underlying mental or physical health issues.

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Bobby and Terry were both strays, found abandoned during the pandemic in desperate need of medical care.

Our team removed 1kg of matted fur from poor Bobby, who also needed antibiotics after his claws were so overgrown they had punctured his paws.

Terry was underweight, and his injured tail required a partial amputation.

Both have been able to get the essential veterinary treatment they needed and recover in our care, despite our limited staff and resources.

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These are just some of dogs affected by this crisis...

We know there will be many more over the coming months. There has been a huge impact on us and other welfare charities, both financially and on our resources.

Smaller organisations may even be forced to close, so with more dogs needing help, and even fewer safe places to go, Dogs Trust needs support to help as many as possible.

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Please help us by giving a gift today to make sure these dogs are cared for, despite the troubles we are all facing.

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If you would like to read our informative leaflet about how we predict Covid-19 will affect the nation's dogs, please click here.