Inflation shouldn't
cost a dog like
Billy his sight

Inflation is causing the cost of living to rise across the board.

At Dogs Trust, that means we have to budget for an extra £340k to cover the increasing vet costs in 2020. We’re committed to being there for every dog that needs us, and to never put down a healthy dog – but we need your support.

Your gift will help us look after dogs who need medical care, rehabilitation, and affection the most. Dogs like Billy, who was found abandoned in a park, frightened and unable to see. Poor Billy was suffering from an excruciating condition where his eyelids folded inwards – causing extremely painful ulcerations on the surface of both of his eyes. He needed urgent treatment before his eyes were damaged beyond repair.

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Billy needed urgent care.

When Billy arrived at Dogs Trust he was immediately given much needed pain relief and an intensive course of eye drops multiple times a day to treat his ulcers. Once the inflammation had died down, our vet team performed sight-saving surgery to correct his rolling eyelids.

Thanks to our amazing veterinary team and the dedication of our Canine Carers, Billy’s sight was saved. They made sure he had the surgery, medication and ongoing treatment he needed, and he is now recovering well and will be able to see in a 2020 that’ll bring him happiness and adventures.

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But Billy is just one of many dogs who will need our help over the next 12 months.

 As inflation causes costs to rise and more dogs need essential veterinary treatment, it’s going to be a difficult year.

Will you help make sure more dogs like Billy get the life-changing medical care they need in 2020?

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Help Dogs Trust provide medical care for the dogs that need us the most - in 2020 and beyond 

£5 can buy a buster collar that helps prevent infection, for dogs with wounds, stitches or injuries that need time to heal.

£10 buys a course of eye drops to treat dogs like Billy with an eye condition, helping them see again without discomfort.

£15 pays towards a course of antibiotics to help more poorly dogs recover.