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Our golden oldies need your help now.

Can you send a gift to help us give old dogs the extra support they need, now and beyond this pandemic?

Home has been so important to all of us over the last year. With so much upheaval, it’s more important than ever that we provide specialist loving care to elderly dogs like Oscar Blue, who have lost their homes and the people they loved most. Can you help us care for more dogs like him 

Oscar Blue’s story  

Oscar Blue is a 15 year-old Weimaraner cross, who arrived with his faithful friend, Oscar Wilde, after living with their loving owners for many happy years. Then earlier this year, tragedy struck. Their family home was flooded, and Oscar Blue’s owners were forced to move into temporary accommodation. Sadly, they couldn’t care for their beloved dogs anymore. 

Our vets gave Oscar Blue a full check-up upon arrival. His hearing and vision are slightly impaired, and he has arthritis in both hips which requires ongoing pain relief. These are common ailments for our oldies, so we ensure their kennels are soft and safe to navigate. Our canine carers are always on hand to give medication, provide special meals for sensitive tummies, and of course give lots of comforting cuddles to dogs like Oscar.  

Elderly dogs like Oscar Blue need your help today. 


We never put down a healthy dogBut there are extra costs needed to provide high quality care for older dogs who often have long term age-related conditions. Some of our oldies will live out the rest of their lives here at Dogs Trust, but for many others we can  change the tale and find the perfect home for them to spend their golden years.  

These characterful oldies still have so much love and joy still to give. , and they’re always by our side through the tough times. It’s time we gave back.Together, we can provide them with the love and care they so deserve.  

Please send a gift to support our oldies like Oscar Blue, during the pandemic and beyond. 


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