Sixty seven dogs under one roof | Dogs Trust

Sixty seven
dogs under
one roof...

Please help give them the treats, training and medical care they deserve.

As soon as we took the call that 67 dogs were living under one roof, we knew this was an urgent situation that needed all hands on deck.

It was clear that the caller had done all they could for the dogs, but the situation had gotten out of control and they desperately needed our help.

We found 67 dogs of all different breeds, ages and sizes, including several mums with their newborn puppies who needed immediate care.

Six of our rehoming centres sprung into action, and thanks to their huge effort and team work we were able to take all of these dogs into our care, and provide the vital medical attention they needed and a safe place to stay.

It's only thanks to the support from people like you that we are able to respond to emergencies like these and give everyone of these 67 dogs the love and attention they deserve.

Please help us care for dogs like these in an emergency.

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