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I feel lost and alone. Will you pick me up?

Help us care for stray dogs starting the New Year without a home.

We’ve all experienced the bitterly cold weather this winter, while doing our shopping, going for a walk or visiting family - but we always have a warm and safe home to come back to. Imagine being left out there alone, with no protection from the harsh temperatures and nowhere to go. Sprout was just 8 weeks alone when he was abandoned on a strangers doorstep in the middle of the night, just before Christmas.

This didn’t need to happen. Will you help Dogs Trust change the tale for more abandoned dogs this winter?

Every minute Sprout was exposed to the icy conditions, the higher the risk he would never see in the new year. Thankfully, he was brought to Dogs Trust, where we were able to get his temperature back up, treat his inflamed skin, and make him feel comfortable and loved.

We hate to think what would have happened if Sprout hadn’t been found until the morning.


We can bring these dogs into the warm – but not without your help. Today, you could help pay for the basic essentials every dog deserves – a warm bed, a roof over their head, and someone to love them. Or with a little extra gift, you can help dogs who arrive in our care needing additional treatment and support, like Edna, Doris and Sweetpea.

We’ll do whatever it takes to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome stray and abandoned dogs starting this year without a home.

Will you help them too?

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Donations will go towards the care of all dogs at Dogs Trust.

Right now more owners are struggling with the impact of the pandemic, as well as rising costs of living during these next few months.

Unfortunately, this makes it even more likely that dogs of any age or condition will find themselves without a home, a family, or any protection. Dogs like these:

At just 4 months old, Missy was found in a terrible condition

Our amazing vet team found she had demodex mites, a deep skin infection and an infection in both ears – she must have been so uncomfortable. She was set on a course of daily medicated baths, antibiotics and ear steroids. Thankfully Missy began to improve thanks to a lot of time, expertise, dedication, and of course money. Please help dogs like Missy with a gift today.

Edna, Doris and Sweetpea were dumped in a car park this winter.

These three helpless puppies were abandoned in a crate, but they somehow escaped into a busy car park. Thankfully we managed to catch them before they were run over – only to discover their skin was red and raw with terrible mange. All of them received daily treatment until their skin healed –but more puppies like them will find themselves alone, and in need of medical care in the months ahead.


Poor Petal was thrown from a bridge over a canal in a black bin bag.

Petal was only moments from drowning but thankfully she was rescued just in time, and rushed into our care. This sweet old girl was chilled to the bone, her spirit was broken. We placed her in an experienced foster home, where we provided everything she would need to recover from her trauma, as well as round-the-clock care.

Will you help more abandoned dogs like Petal today?


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