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Please support our Puppy Smuggling Campaign

This helps us stop the horrific trade of illegally imported young puppies and heavily pregnant mums into the UK.

Every year, thousands of puppies bred in poor conditions in Central and Eastern Europe are imported into the UK. They are often transported in awful conditions, have serious health issues, are far too young to travel, un-vaccinated, and lack proper paperwork. This is illegal.

In 2015 we began intercepting and taking in smuggled puppies and pregnant mums crossing the UK border. We support them on their journey to become healthy, happy pups, and ensure that they find loving forever homes.

Christmas, and the recent lockdown due to Covid-19 are the busiest periods for us intercepting puppies at the border. This year we predict we will intercept and care for around 72 puppies over the Christmas period.

Without the involvement of Dogs Trust, unsuspecting prospective owners will buy these puppies from online adverts unaware they have been sold an illegally imported puppy. All too often these puppies fall seriously ill, have severe behavioural issues, and risk spreading dangerous exotic diseases to the UK.

Please help us to save these puppies and put an end to this cruel illegal trade by donating to our Puppy Smuggling Campaign.

For more information, please contact Amy Swainston

With a limited supply of puppies from reputable UK breeders, puppy smugglers in Central and Eastern Europe have an opportunity to fill the demand gap in this lucrative market. Repercussions for them are virtually non-existent.


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