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We consider you a part of the family for choosing to stand by us through thick and thin to help improve the lives of dogs both near and far.

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Our aim is to make the world a safe and happy place for dogs, by providing for those in need and preventing problems from becoming crises in the future. But we’re not able to continue this hard work without you – will you help us be there for dogs, no matter what the challenge with a gift today?

Will you help rescue and rehome dogs?

Our first ever National Dog Survey revealed many first-time dog owners are shocked by the cost of dog care.

Exacerbated by the cost of living crisis, this means that tragically, many will consider giving up their dog, putting even more pressure on our capacity and resources. In 2021 our teams received 35,737 handover requests, a 47% increase on 2020. But with your help, we can keep more dogs off the streets by funding our ‘Home from Home’ scheme – a foster service where volunteers look after dogs until they can be forever rehomed. Dogs just like Marley, who was found in so much pain with untreated skin infections. She was so afraid that she would urinate when approached.

Thankfully we were able to place Marley in a home environment where her foster carer continued her treatment and confidence-building until she was ready for her new forever family. Without this service, dogs like Marley could be left on the streets. We’re doing all we can but really need your help to further expand our Home from Home radius, so we can save even more dogs who have nowhere to go. Will you help us give a second chance to more dogs like Marley?

Will you help keep dogs and families together?

With a huge number of new dog owners, education and canine behavioural support services are more vital than ever.

Be Dog Smart

You can help our education team continue their vital work delivering workshops in schools and online so that children and adults have safer interactions with dogs – vital for ensuring human-canine bonds, which lead to less abandonments.

Dog School

As owners are spending more time at home with their pooches, it’s vital they still have access to our behavioural support classes. When we couldn’t carry these out in person, we needed to move our Dog School classes online and deliver so we could ensure more families and dogs stay together. But without the support from kind people like you, we wouldn’t have the means to make this possible.

Paw-some resources

Our Behaviour Teams developed online resources to support new dog owners and help them care for their canines, such as a guide to socialising puppies during lockdown. They’ve been viewed nearly half a million times, meaning more happy dogs and less risk of relinquishment. With your help we can provide even more support to new owners so that less dogs face abandonment.

Will you help make the world a safer place for dogs?

As the UKs largest dog welfare charity, it’s safe to say we care about all dogs, near and far. Sadly, in the past 2 years, overseas organisations that help strays have seen a decline in the number of tourists donating and volunteering, which puts many lives at risk. But with your support, we can help.

In 2020 and 2021, we provided funding to 67 not-for-profit dog welfare organisations all over the world. This ensured 565,936 dogs were vaccinated, 181,109 dogs were neutered and 1,322 vets were trained, and this work is continuing, but it’s only made possible with the help of people like you.

Vets like Sadhusaran Chaudhari have seen first-hand the difference our support can make. In Sadhusaran’s town in Nepal, local people would fear rabies and complain about the number of stray puppies, not knowing how to control or treat them. But with the arrival of Dogs Trust Worldwide funding, so much has been able to change thanks to you. A local organisation’s ‘catch, neuter, vaccinate, return’ programme has drastically reduced rabies cases in the area, and with it, the fear of roaming dogs. Will you continue helping us to be there for every dog that needs us, here and around the world?

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Will you help dogs and owners find safety?

Dog owners experiencing domestic violence can be reluctant to leave their homes, as many refuges are unable to accept pets. Devastatingly, reports of domestic abuse have increased during the pandemic, which means so has the need for our vital services – like The Freedom Project.

Made possible by people like you, this project provides free temporary foster care for dogs, so owners can access refuge without fear of what might happen to their beloved pooch. When Gemma fled an abusive relationship and went into a refuge with her son, they couldn’t accept her dog Dusty. But as she explains, “within 24 hours, The Freedom Project found my dog Dusty a foster home. The staff showed such compassion.” After being safely reunited with Dusty, Gemma now volunteers to raise awareness of The Freedom Project. As she puts it, “my life has changed, and so has Dusty’s.”

Will you help us be there for more dogs and their owners like Gemma and Dusty?


Will you help protect vulnerable dogs and their owners?

Many homelessness services are unable to accept pets. This forces some dog owners to sleep rough something many people choose instead of giving up a beloved dog.

Our Hope Project aims to keep anyone experiencing a housing crisis and their beloved dog together by helping temporary accommodation providers become dog-friendly and offering free vet treatment to owners experiencing homelessness.

During the lockdowns however, those in housing crisis were moved to hotels as part of a government ‘Everyone In’ scheme. But this meant they would be faced with losing their companion. So, we needed to adapt our scheme to keep providing support and guidance to hotels and B&Bs on how to welcome dogs during the pandemic. Thanks to our Hope Project, owners like Paul and his pet pooch Blake were able to stay together in a hotel during the pandemic, and we have since been supporting the pair with veterinary treatment and care packages. With your support, we can help more organisations become dog-friendly so that they can welcome furry family members in safely. We can also provide emergency food and items to dogs and owners in need. Without your support, dogs like Dusty and Blake risk losing their loving humans.

A gift from you today could keep families like theirs together.

We wouldn’t be able to provide life-changing care for dogs without kind people like you. Please support us with a gift today and help us be there for every dog.


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