Pickle, Pepper & Pesto

A trio of pups find happy endings after a rough start in life recovering from mange and thrive.

Pickle, Pepper and Pesto when they arrived at the centre
7th September 2022

Our West London branch has waved goodbye to three special Lurcher pups - Pickle, Pepper and Pesto, as they head off to their forever homes after a rough beginning. 

Pickle, Pepper and Pesto arrived at our rehoming centre at the start of July, after they were found as strays. The trio were all suffering from mange, a skin disease which had resulted in fur loss on all of the pups, leaving the skin red and irritated.

After several weeks of lots of TLC, vet treatment and being lovingly looked after by our dedicated staff at the rehoming centre, the trio began to recover and their individual personalities started to shine.  

Lurcher puppy in tyre
Fondly known as the ‘three P’s’, Pickle, Pepper and Pesto won over everyone at the centre and it was amazing to see them go from shy tiny puppies, into bigger bouncy characters, free from mange and happy and healthy.   We got to see them each head off to their forever homes in the middle of August, whilst we miss them dearly, it’s incredibly rewarding to see not just one, but three dogs who had a pretty rough start in life, go on to find happy endings.

Richard Moore, West London Rehoming Centre Manager

Whilst Pepper has kept her name, Pickle has been renamed Ivy and Pesto has the new name of Peto. They have all settled wonderfully into their new homes and this is just the beginning of their new lives.  

Here at West London we currently has more than 35 dogs who are ready to head off to their forever homes, if you could give a dog like Pickle, Pepper and Pesto the happy ending they deserve, please visit our rehoming page.   

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