Underdog Beau lands paws in forever home 

After more than two years in kennels, underdog Beau lands paws in forever home.

Underdog Beau has made himself at home on his new owners sofa.
1st March 2023

Following one try at rehoming, Beau came back to us as he had found it difficult to settle into home life, so the training team at Leeds got to work. Once his back legs were treated, Beau and his team worked on a special behaviour programme to help build his confidence, and to master the essential life skills he’d need in a new home.

Finally, he met his pawfect match(es)! His new Dads came to meet Beau several times – which is often a requirement for our Underdogs – and built an amazing bond. A few home visits and hours of playtime later, Beau was ready to go home.

We are thrilled to say, he is thriving! We can’t thank Beau’s new owners enough for their patience and dedication. We always knew that Beau would be worth the wait. 

Beau has officially stolen our hearts! He is one special lad and we feel very lucky to have been able to give him a home.  His training and behaviour team gave us several one-to-one sessions to help us get to understand how to work with him with some of his behavioural needs such as meeting visitors, learning to settle and being comfortable wearing a muzzle. These were really useful, and it was also reassuring to know that they’re always just a call away for the rest of Beau’s life, in case we ever need them. 

David, Beau's new person

Beau is one of 164 lucky dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes at Dogs Trust Leeds who have already found loving homes this year.  

Introducing the Underdogs

Meet the long term residents patiently waiting for their forever homes.

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