Underdog Billie’s road to his forever home

After a year of waiting patiently, gentle giant Billie has finally found his paw-fect match.

Billie the bulldog cross plays outdoors with a toy in his mouth
26th February 2024

Billie arrived with us at Dogs Trust Kenilworth on the 15th February 2023 when he was just over a year old. We didn’t know his history, including whether or not he had ever lived in a home before. When Billie first came to us, he had lots in learn when it came to making friends and minding his manners! He was still finding his feet as a fast-growing pup.

Our fantastic Canine Carers and Training Team stepped up to the challenge of getting Billie ready for a forever home with the perfect family.

Billie has always been a big clown, and loved to spend his time in kennels playing with toys or rolling around in the grass. Sometimes learning new things could be hard for him, so our team always tried to make it as fun as possible. This sociable boy quickly made friends all over the centre, winning the hearts of everyone from our vet team to our maintenance team!

Slowly, he learnt how to relax, settle and started to make lots of progress with his training. 

After waiting patiently for almost a year, Billie’s story changed when he met Mandi, Chris and Conal.
They spent lots of time getting to know all about Billie and his favourite things. With help from Billie’s carers they got stuck in with all his training, from practicing all his basic obedience skills to helping him learn how to make doggy pals.

After several success meets, Mandi, Chris and Conal already had the foundations of a strong relationship with Billie. Once they had learnt about his training needs, Billie was able to see his new home for the very first time. It wasn’t long before he made himself at home, playing in the garden and cuddling up on the sofa. 

Both the team and his adopters felt very confident that Billie was ready to settle into his forever home, so it was time for Billie to pack his bags and wave goodbye to Dogs Trust Kenilworth. 

Watch Billie's story below:

Good luck with your new adventure big Billie! 

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