Clodagh's Underdog story

One of our longest term residents, Clodagh, has finally found a place to put up her paws and call home!

Clodagh the Underdog with her Canine Carer
4th August 2023

Clodagh has been at Dogs Trust since 2020. A nervous girl at first, she arrived at Snetterton where she struggled making new friends and building relationships particularly with men.

After an unsuccessful adoption, she was transferred to Kenilworth for a fresh start. 

Clodagh began to thrive in her training sessions and, with the help of her favourite canine carers, slowly learnt how to happily spend more time with new friends (with two and four legs!)

She spent lots of time learning new social skills, including how to live with another dog but what she really needed was a patient forever home who would give her the time she needed to settle...

After spotting her on our website, her new family took part in Clodagh's training sessions, learning how to help her feel comfortable so they can carry on her training at home. Clodagh even had special visits to her new home just to check everything was the way she liked it.

For our teams, it is amazing to see Clodagh's progress, from initially being nervous around other dogs, to now sharing her new home with her new four-legged friend, Wilf!

Whilst it may have taken a bit longer to finally take Clodagh home, we're sure her new family will agree that she was worth the wait. 

Meet our Underdogs

Could you give a forever home to one of our underdogs who has been waiting patiently for the perfect pal?

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