“My house is now a home again”, after adopting rescue dog Badger

Long-legged Lurcher finds lasting love

Badger the Lurcher in his new home on adoption day
21st November 2023

Badger the Lurcher spent 21 months with us at Dogs Trust Darlington Rehoming Centre, but has finally landed on his paws finding true love with his new owner. 

Jacqui, Badger's new owner, insists she is the lucky one. Jacqui adopted seven-year-old Lurcher in July, and describes him as “the sweetest, most adorable dog ever.” 

Badger came into our care from Ireland in November 2021 who no information about his past life. He initially found life in kennels stressful and sadly didn't receive much attention from anyone looking to adopt. Badger became one of our patient loving Underdogs, which is the term given to a dog that has been overlooked and spent more than six months with us. We provided him with lots of TLC during his 21 months with us including hydrotherapy. 


Badger the Lurcher receiving hydrotherapy

In June this year Jacqui, who lost her beloved rescue dog Otis to cancer in March, completed an online application form for another dog at our Darlington centre, but as they already had a new home lined up, Badger was suggested as a possible match. Jacqui wasn’t looking for a specific breed of dog so was very open to adopting a Lurcher. 

It was a gradual process getting to know Badger involving numerous visits to the centre which then progressed to short home visits with his canine carer Jacob. Badger then spent longer periods of time with Jacqui before having an overnight stay.  During the home visits there were lots of little signs that Badger was comfortable and relaxed including when he first jumped on Jaqui’s bed and lay down which was an emotional moment for both Jacqui and Jacob. It was then that Jacqui knew that Badger was her boy.

Badger the Lurcher leaves the Dogs Trust Darlington team.
Badger is absolutely perfect in my eyes. He has his little quirks, including being uncomfortable when he sees other dogs, but I work around them as he works around mine. I am gobsmacked he was in kennels for so long and I feel it is my good fortune that nobody was interested in him as I couldn’t ask for a sweeter dog. When Otis died earlier this year, I missed the companionship and routine of dog ownership. I am 100 percent happier now having Badger by my side. He is brilliant with my grandchildren and we most enjoy walks and nights on the sofa together. My house is a home again after welcoming Badger into my life. To anyone thinking of getting a dog I would say please consider a rescue dog and don’t let the length of time they have been in kennels put you off. Be honest with Dogs Trust staff and fully explain your circumstances, they are there to help you every step of the way. Do your research and be prepared to be patient to give the dog time to adapt to their new life. Badger’s personality has always been there, he just needed someone to give him a chance so he could truly shine.

Jacqui, Badger's new owner

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