Dog-friendly festive leftover pies

Make your own festive dog treats using ingredients from your own Christmas dinner. Perfect has a little Christmas treat or an occasional training reward.


For the pastry 

150g / 5½oz plain flour, plus extra for rolling (can be replaced with gluten-free flour) 

50ml / 2fl oz oil (sunflower or olive) 

For the filling 

A small amount of leftover plain chicken / turkey (make sure there are no bones, and it hasn’t been cooked with anything that could be harmful such as garlic or onions) 

A small sprinkling of grated mild cheddar 

Leftover sprouts / carrots cut into small pieces (make sure they haven’t been cooked with anything that could be harmful such as garlic or onions) 


1. Rub the flour and oil together in your fingertips, then slowly add water until it binds into a dough 

2. Roll out the dough and cut into circles larger circles to line a mini muffin tray/tartlet dish, and smaller circles to top your pies. 

3. Make the filling - cut up your dog-friendly leftovers and distribute them evenly between the pies.  

4. Add your pie lid.  

5. Bake for 20 mins at 180 degrees.  

6. Let your pies cool before giving them to your dog. 

When you treat your dog to these pies, give them less of their usual food that day so they’re not overfed. Some dogs could have sensitivities to some of the ingredients so these might not be suitable for all pooches — if you have any concerns about giving your dog new foods please speak to your vet. 

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