Recipe: Bark-cuterie board for a cosy night in

Put the “cute” into charcuterie with this pooch-friendly snack board.

Our charcuterie-style board for dogs. Circular wooden board with a small bowl of peanut butter, treats, chicken, and sliced apples, green and red bell peppers and carrot slices displayed in a circle.

Whether your dog’s a dainty diner, or a down-in-one specialist – there’s absolutely no food petiquette required for this fancy feast. It’s nutritious, delicious, and perfect for a cosy night in together.  

You’ll need:  

  • boiled chicken or turkey (no bones)
  • carrots
  • apple slices
  • half a red bell pepper
  • half a green bell pepper
  • peanut butter (xylitol free)
  • your dog’s favourite treat.  

What to do:

  1. slice all your ingredients into bite-sized pieces suitable for your pooch
  2. fill a small dish with the peanut butter  
  3. place it all on a serving board ready for your dog to enjoy!
A golden retriever dog looking up at a treat in someones hand in a kitchen. The bark-cuterie board is in the corner on a table.

And remember…

When making our recipes, reduce your dog’s usual food portion so they’re not overfed.  

Some dogs could have sensitivities to the ingredients, so they may not be suitable for all pooches. If you’re concerned about giving your dog new foods, speak to your vet.  

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