Summer Advice

Dog on a beach

Keep your dog safe and happy this summer

From beach days to picnics, there is lots of fun for our dogs to have over the summer months, but it is also important to make sure you dog is safe and well.

Take a look at our advice from what to do if you think your dog has heatstroke to teaching your dog proper picnic etiquette.

Hot weather advice

Read our six steps to have a safe summer with your dog and what to do if your dog overheats. 

Keeping your garden dog-friendly

As the weather finally starts to warm up and flowers and plants come into full bloom, it’s time for all dog owners to do a quick once over of their garden to ensure it is dog-friendly.

Teaching your dog proper picnic etiquette

If you are planning on spending the Summer with fun-filled days of alfresco dining with your four-legged friend, take a look at our advice on making sure your pooch is picnic ready.

Top 7 things to teach your dog this summer

From festivals to camping, your dog may encounter new experiences this summer. Find out the essential skills your dog needs to know.

Enrichment ideas for the summer

On days where the weather is too hot to go outside, take a look at our enrichment ideas for keeping your dog mentally and physically active.

Our Dogs Die in Hot Cars Campaign

In just 20 minutes, a dog could die in a hot car. We're one of several organisations working together to remind owners of the importance of keeping your dog safe and happy in warm weather, and spreading the word about what to do if you see a dog in distress in a hot car.

Find out more about our campaign