How to keep your dog safe and happy during a storm

Our top tips and advice on how to keep our four-legged friends happy and safe during a storm.

Seamus at Evesham Rehoming Centre

Storms can be scary for our canine friends, and some may need support from their owners to help them cope. Here are our top tips to help dogs during thunderstorms or windy and rainy condition.

Top tips for stormy weather

  • Keep your dog safe - Make sure your house and garden are secure and keep your dog indoors during storms. It may help to close the curtains, keep lights on and turn up the volume on your TV or radio.  
  • Adapt your routine – Keep an eye on the forecast and avoid taking your dog out when there’s a risk of extreme weather. If you need to take your dog into the garden, keep them on lead and ensure they’re wearing a collar and ID tag.  Stay out of water as it may contain raw sewage, toxins and other hazards that could injure your dog.  
  • Recognise the individual needs of your dog - Dogs can react very differently to storms. Some appear relaxed and unfazed; others show signs of anxiety or fear. They may show subtle signs, such as panting, licking their lips, or seeking attention from you. Or they may show more obvious signs, such as pacing, trying to hide, barking or even toileting in the house. 
  • Enable their preferred response – Some dogs will benefit from having a safe place to retreat to should they feel worried by thunderstorms, whether or not they have previously shown signs of fear. If your dog wants to hide, let them stay where they feel safe. Other dogs will cope best by seeking reassurance, so give them attention and comfort if they seek this out. Some dogs may not seem worried, and it’s best to keep them occupied with their favourite items or enjoyable activities so they don’t start to feel anxious.  
  • Speak to your vet – If you’re concerned about your dog’s behaviour, speak to your vet so they can check your dog is in good health. Your vet can help with advice and refer you to an accredited behaviourist for support. 

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