Dogs Trust

Help us change the tale and go the extra mile for dogs who need us the most.

Every day, we go above and beyond to ensure the safety and best possible care for stray and abandoned dogs. As you know, we never put dog a healthy dog. Which is why we need to be ready to go the extra mile to save the ones who have nowhere else to go.

Huge health and financial strains on people’s lives as a result of the pandemic along with the demand for dogs during lockdown has seen many dogs abandoned to the streets. With nowhere to call home and local pounds unable to offer long term accommodation, many of these dogs are at risk of being put to sleep.

Lifesaving services like our Dog Ambulances are crucial to these dogs as they give us the means to drive all over the UK collecting those most at risk and bringing them to the safety of a Dogs Trust rehoming centre. Together we can change the tale for these dogs by ensuring this vital service continues. So please, if you can, help change the tale for dogs in need of a lifeline, this winter and beyond.

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