Dogs Trust

Help us change the tale for dogs and their owners affected by the pandemic

We have seen a huge demand for dogs, and the pandemic continues to cause problems that many dog owners never thought they would face sadly resulting in more dogs losing their loving families. We want to be there to support as many dogs as possible, from the innocent pups paying the price of the pandemic dog demand, to vulnerable older dogs in need of vital love and care.

Thousands of puppies have been smuggled into the county, to fuel the demand, bred and smuggled into the country in appalling conditions. Those who survive the journey often suffer with  medical or behavioural issues as they grow up, leaving thousands of unsuspecting owners to pay the price. Many are unable to deal with these costly problems, and have to make the heart breaking decision to give up their dog.

We need to be there for dogs whose owners are no longer able to care for them, from the pandemic pups who are just starting their journey to the many other dogs who have been with their loving family for years. Each and every one need extra love and support to help them adjust, whether that means essential medical treatment or providing lots of home comforts. We will do everything we can to change the tale for the dogs affected by this pandemic.

At a time when our resources are stretched we need your help more than ever.

Donate now to help us be there for more innocent and vulnerable dogs.


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