Hello, I'm Rosie

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Golden Doodle

About me

Hi there! I'm Rosie, but you can call me Roo-Roo - all my friends do! When I'm not bounding around the agility course, I'm playing hide 'n' seek with my carers. We have a super cool woodland area at the Centre which gives me all sorts of hiding places - I just have to be careful I don't disturb any of the deer!

Why I need sponsoring

Although I've got a friendly face, I get really nervous around new people and I don't like it when people move suddenly. This means I struggle to settle in a home - life at the Centre where my carers understand my quirks suits me much better for the time being.


  • Walkies
  • Trips in the car
  • Being told I'm pretty!
  • Schmackos
  • Playing in water


  • Strangers
  • Loud noises
  • Sudden movements
  • Rude dogs
  • Being disturbed in bed

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