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Robert Burns puppies on the look out for 'braw' new homes

Dogs Trust West Calder has come into the care of a litter of puppies after one of their residents was found to be pregnant when they arrived at the rehoming centre last year. As the litter will be ready to find new homes on Robert Burns Day [25th January], the team at the rehoming centre in Bentyhead have named them after the works of the famous poet and lyricist.

Six-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Daisy gave birth to nine puppies, named Tam, Rabbie, Hughie, Gregory, McMurdo, Jockey, Roslin, Bonnie and Rose; all of whom were named after characters in poems written by Burns. Robert Burns also wrote the poem ‘To a Mountain Daisy’ about a special flower he noticed one day when out for a walk, which is not unlike Dogs Trust’s very own Daisy, who is a firm favourite at the rehoming centre and was found wandering the streets as a stray.

Stephen Thomson, Home From Home Coordinator at Dogs Trust West Calder, said:

“Daisy and her pups have been receiving the best of care both at the rehoming centre and in a foster home. As they are still very young, the puppies will need a lot of attention and training but will make fantastic additions to families looking for a canine companion.”

“We are also hoping to find a home for Daisy too, as she is a lovely girl who is hoping to get fresh start with a new family in 2018. Anyone interested in adopting a dog but are not in a position to adopt one permanently may also be able to join our Home From Home Foster Scheme and become a foster carer.”

If you are interested in giving a puppy a home, adopting a dog or becoming a foster carer with Dogs Trust, please get in touch with the team at West Calder on 0300 303 0292.