Rescue dog overcomes near death experience to become Sled Racing Champion

When Siberian Husky Crystal was hit by a car and veterinary costs were escalating for her, it was certain that she would be put to sleep. However, Dogs Trust West Calder stepped in to care for Crystal, and after operations and intensive treatment she started on a long road to recovery not only trying to heal her physical scars, but her emotional ones too. By chance, local dog owner Thomas Edwards was taking part in a dog course at the rehoming centre in Bentyhead when he spotted Crystal. It was this chance meeting that turned out to be the start of a beautiful friendship. With two Siberian Huskies of his own, Thomas knew the breed well, and after hearing Crystal's sad story he hoped that along with his wife and their two dogs, Bracken and Euro, he would be able to give Crystal a new start, and help her overcome her trauma. "I knew the best thing for Crystal's recovery would be to spend time with other Siberian Huskies for companionship," says Thomas. "She is a little miracle. At first she wouldn't entertain another dog. Now she happily plays with dogs and loves meeting new people." A After Crystal had recovered from her physical injuries, Thomas and his wife - whose dogs take part in Sled Dog Racing - decided to see whether Crystal, whose breed are physically and mentally bred for running long distances, would enjoy a new hobby to help her emotional rehabilitation. Thomas continues: "We worried that Crystal's injuries would stop her, but we built up her strength and stamina with walks and swimming, and slowly introduced her to racing. She now runs a three dog team, and they have so many rosettes we've lost count." Thomas and his wife credit Dogs Trust for being able to give Crystal a new start as after her accident it was almost certain that she would be put to sleep as her previous owners couldn't afford the veterinary costs. Thomas concludes: "Dogs Trust made the whole process very simple and helped us every step of the way. Their care didn't stop when we took Crystal home; they helped us locate her pedigree papers so she could race. Racing has given her a new lease of life, and in turn she has given us one too. She is a big part of our family now, and we love her to bits."