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Four-legged football fans hope to score their ‘pawfect’ match!

Whilst Scotland prepares for the big game this weekend, two four-legged football fans at Dogs Trust West Calder are hoping the game will help them score a brand new home.

Playful German Shepherds Dexter and Ozzy make the perfect team and must be rehomed together, where Ozzy will keep Dexter on his best behaviour at all times, in an adult only home with a garden they can turn into their very own football pitch.

Two year old Dexter and one year old Ozzy, like most footballers, love to dazzle you with their ball skills; however like other young players they still have lots to learn and would like to find a new owner who can continue their training.

House-trained Dexter and Ozzy are used to living in rural surroundings, and need a home away from the hustle and bustle, with lots of space as they have lots of energy that they would love to channel into play and exercise.

Susan Tonner, Rehoming Centre Manager says:

“Dexter and Ozzy are best friends, and would become wonderful companions to the right owner. They don’t mind being left for a short time at home, travelling in the car as long as they have their team mate to keep them company. They are incredibly loyal dogs and would very much like to become part of a new family team.”

Dexter and Ozzy hope they will be able to watch the big game, safe in the knowledge that their perfect match is just around the corner!

If you could transfer Dexter and Ozzy into your team, please contact Dogs Trust West Calder on 0300 303 0292.