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Rescue canines that go together like peanut butter and jelly are the recipe for a happy home

Maxie and Meika, two Staffordshire Bull Terriers who have lived most of their lives together, recently came into the care of Dogs Trust West Calder. This inseparable duo is looking for a loving owner to give them both a home where they can spend their twilight years together, as their combined age of 23 makes them around 130 in human years. 

Both dogs adore human companionship, almost as much as spending time with each other. Canine carers at the Rehoming Centre want nothing more than to keep them together in their new home and are appealing for potential owners to come forward who can give double the love. 

During their time at the centre, Maxie and Meika’s strong bond and the fact they get on well with each other has earned them new nicknames amongst the team – Peanut and Jelly! Just like the classic combination of peanut butter and jelly, Meika, nicknamed Peanut, and Maxie, Jelly, are at their best when they are together! 

Peanut is incredibly sweet and lovable, and she is certainly the more outgoing and confident of this doggy duo and will be the first to greet new people with a waggy tail. Meanwhile Maxie, also known as Jelly, lives up to his nickname with his little jelly legs. He is a bit older than Peanut and a little more unsure of the world and he looks to his best friend for reassurance and support. 

Susan Tonner, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust West Calder, said: 

“As well as going on all their walks together, Maxie and Meika are the best companions and love cuddling up for a snooze together at the end of the day. Maxie, especially, looks to Meika for a little more reassurance and this helps with his confidence. 

“They would love to find a home with a secure garden, so they can potter around; and could easily live with children over the age of 12. They would, however, prefer to be the only pets in the home as they can be a little unsure around other dogs. 

“Adopting two dogs, especially dogs with a close bond, has many advantages. They provide each other with company and can provide each other comfort when introduced to new environments or situations; this will allow them to adapt more easily to a new home and routine.” 

You can’t have peanut butter without jelly and the same goes for these two pooches. Peanut and Jelly must stick together and if you believe a dog is for life – and in this case two dogs – and want to welcome Maxie and Meika into your family, please get in touch with the team at the West Calder Rehoming Centre on 01506 873459.