Dogs Trust

Social walks at DT West Calder

Here at West Calder, we have a selection of dogs who are the best of friends and regularly walk out together.  

Although some dogs prefer being with people, we do try as much as possible to find doggy friends who will compliment the personalities of each other — wether thats someone who likes to play, just enjoys gentle walks or a pooch who relies on another dog to gain confidence from. 

All dogs are unique and like people not all dogs can be the best friends with each other.  See our video of some of our sociable canines out exploring around the centre together. 

First of we have Border Collie buddies Bailey and Jessie.  Bailey is a friendly boy but likes other dogs to be gentle and easy going as he can be a bit sheepish if they are too full on. He doesn't always like to share his toys! Jessie is very selective of her doggy friends and needs time to get to know them, with gradual and slow meets.  She is a bossy lady who likes her own space. 

Bailey could live with another dog who is calm and easy going who doesn't mind him not always want to share his toys.  Jessie would be best with being the only pet in her new home, due to her bossy nature but could potentially have one or two doggy friends for walks once she gets to know them. 

Our three Amigos Biscuit, Max and Shadow are a fun group who all get on well.  Biscuit is very much the boss and loves the boys!  She is a confident girl who likes meeting new friends and likes to play but as she is the "boss" she does not like lots of full on play. She has a few doggy friends who she walks out with and does enjoy being accompanied on her walks.  Max is our deaf collie who is friendly and flirty with every doggy he meets.  Max is a lover and not a fighter, he likes to play and has lots of doggy friends here at the centre.  Shadow was bit unsure of dogs when he first came to Dogs Trust but over time he has got a to know a few friends here and really enjoys being in their company. He will try and play but does take time to build his confidence up around new friends.  

Biscuit would be best as the only dog in the home but would like a few male doggy friends for walking out with. She can be feisty and doesn't like to share her personal space.  Max would be happy to share his home with other dogs for company but due to being deaf he needs a home in a very quiet location with few visitors and owners experienced with deaf dogs.  Shadow likes to walk out and will sometimes try and play, and will try to initiate a game of chase, he would like an outdoorsy home and could have doggy friends when out on walks. 

If you would like to know more about any of our dogs please contact Dogs Trust West Calder on 01506 873459.