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In the Spotlight at West Calder - Bella!

Bella is a lovely 2 year old Saluki cross who loves chasing her ball, lazing about in the garden and having human company. Her favourite thing to do is cuddle into you on the couch for a warm snuggle then get a tasty treat.

Bella is a friendly girl but she can be quite timid in new situations and doesnt like to be left alone at home. Like most sight hounds Bella does have a high chase drive and does need to be walked in quiet areas on her lead and muzzle. Bella is looking for experienced owners who have owned similar dogs before, someone who has a secure garden where she can relax and play in the comfort of her own home.

Bella can live with children of around age 12 and above. Bella is very clever and is always happy to learn new tricks. Bella is very sweet and would love a home to call her own.