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Age is just a number!

It's a fact, age is just a number, and as Frank Sinatra once sang 'Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you if you're young at heart.'

With that in mind, some golden oldies at Dogs Trust West Calder are hoping fairy tales really do come true, and they can find a new home.

First up is a lovely lady, Biscuit, who at 11 years old is still quite a madam! Biscuit is a very sweet girl with a lot of character and a taste for the finer things in life. Despite her stubborn nature, she is a fun loving girl who enjoys being treated and going for trips in the car.  Biscuit is looking for a quiet adult home where there is not too much noise as she gets unsettled in busy areas, so a rural location would be ideal. She can be wary initially but quickly makes friends, and as she has a taste for Gravy Bone biscuits this always a good ice breaker! Biscuit is the boss when it comes to other dogs, and although she likes to walk out with her male companions, she is best as the only pet in the home.

Brady is a 11 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  He is a very sweet, loving and fun boy who loves his toys! Brady is finding kennel life a little hard and is desperate to be back in a family home. He has been around children, and likes to snuggle on the sofa with you and snooze his afternoons away. Brady loves his toys and is not one to share so needs a home who can give him lots of toys. Brady is good in the house, he can be left for a few hours and is house-trained. He likes to go in the car and find new places to walk. He can live with children of 12 years or older.

Harvey is an 8 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross. He is a 'larger than life' sort of guy who likes the quiet life. Harvey is a fair weather dog - he likes the sun, and days when its generally just dry.  Rainy, windy or chilly days, he would much rather be under a duvet and catch up with daytime TV! Harvey loves the car and he could be an ideal companion for a long distance driver as he could sit all day and just look out the window.  Harvey gets itchy skin but Dogs Trust can help with vet treatment. He gets spooked by loud noises so he’d like a quiet location to have those duvet days. He is house-trained, able to be left for a few hours but need a high fenced garden. He needs a strong owner and would be best with older teens.

Venus is a 12 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  A true lady, Venus is one of the sweetest dogs that we know. She is seeking a lady only home as she is very worried by men and dislikes children so therefore seeks a female adult home. She is a true delight, loving, caring, gentle and fun.  She loves to snuggle on the sofa and watch TV on dreary days, and when the nicer weather is there she is keen to explore in the woods and play with her toys. She is a very loving girl who will make a wonderful and loyal companion.

Finally, we have Skipper and his companion Sabre. This 'little and large and all things nice' duo are looking for a home together. They originally arrived to us from Orkney with two other German Shepherds – Teddy and Thor- who have now been rehomed. They are a lovely and comical pair who are very loving, loyal and attentive to their owners. They have lived a very secluded life and are not used to dogs and people passing, due to living a in a remote location. They are looking for a quiet home away from the hustle and bustle of town life, a rural location with land is what they are used to and would love to live like that again. They are devoted to each other and are looking for a home together.  They share the same bed and like to eat together as well. Skipper is in charge of the duo and Sabre looks to him to lead the way in life. Staff have even found Skipper lying on Sabre (but this ultra cuteness has never been caught on camera!)