A collage of five dogs

Don’t forget our foster dogs in need of a home!

While each of these doggos under the Home from Home scheme are loving life with their dedicated foster families, they are all still on the lookout for a forever home and a family of their own!

Last year, Dogs Trust West Calder’s Home from Home programme helped care for 111 dogs, 82 of which found permanent new homes!

Meet some of our dogs currently living in foster care…

Bruno, a lurcher Bruno is a 5 year old Greyhound and he’s a very sweet and loving lad and an all round big softy!

Bruno loves spending time with his family getting as much love and rubs behind the ear as he can! While Bruno enjoys going for walks and trips in the car – he is also a big fan of his home comforts and more often than not will be found snoozing away in his bed with his legs straight up in the air!

Bruno is looking for loving new owners who can provide all the love he needs!

Cara, a crossbreed Cara is an 11 year old crossbreed and she is the sweetest girl with an incredibly gentle and loving nature!

Despite being an older lady, Cara isn’t letting her years slow her down and she enjoys setting off on her walks and absolutely loves playing a game of fetch with her family!

Cara is looking for a cosy and loving retirement home where she has her own garden to play in and a prime spot on the sofa where she can sprawl out!

Dexter, a border collie Dexter is a 3 year old Border Collie who loves spending time with people he knows and trusts.

A typical young Collie, Dexter is full of energy and loves to keep busy and have fun! Dexter adores spending his time soaking up the great outdoors and he loves going for walks in the countryside and chasing his favourite toys around the garden!

Dexter is looking for calm and loving adult only home with active owners who share his love for adventure!

Lucy, a Lurcher Lucy Longlegs is a 9 year old Lurcher and she loves nothing more than getting love and attention from her family!

Lucy is a super friendly girl who will be sure to greet everyone and soak up any cuddles and ear rubs going! Whether she’s setting off for walk, running around the garden playing a game of fetch or snuggling up on the sofa – Lucy loves to spend her time with her family.

This active girl is seeking a cosy home with loving and active owners and she can live with children aged 10+.

Maxie, a crossbreed Maxie is a 13 year old crossbreed and, like Cara, he’s another golden oldie who isn’t letting his age slow him down!

Maxie enjoys his walks and having a garden of his own to potter around and play in. This old age pooch loves to seek out adventures and he especially loves a trip to the beach!

Maxie is an affectionate and loving boy who needs owners who can shower him with as much TLC as possible! Maxie can live with children aged 12+ and would be happiest as the only pet at home allowing him to relax in his well-deserved retirement!

If you think you could provide the perfect forever home for any of our dogs in foster care, or any of the dogs at the centre, please call the team on 01506 873459.

Anyone wishing to find out more about becoming a foster carer themselves can email our Home from Home Coordinator Stephen at [email protected]