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Meet our dogs who like things to be just a little different

Bailey the Border Collie at Dogs Trust West Calder

When thinking up how to best describe some of our doggy residents and the type of home they are searching for, the West Calder Rehoming Centre has taken a little inspiration from Hollywood.

Any of our dogs who have been a little unlucky in finding their pawfect home will be featured on their very own paw print in the ‘Walk of Fame’ around the centre’s reception.

Many of our doggos, like many of Hollywood’s great movie stars, all have their own special talents and charms, yet they aren’t afraid to let their wants and expectations be known to their families!

The centre will bring 2 of these doggos into the spotlight every month with the aim of helping them to secure their dream role as the perfect companion. The month-long campaign will then culminate in Spotlight Sunday which takes place one Sunday a month and offers potential adopters with the chance to hear all about our dogs.

This month the spotlight is on Audrey and Bailey, two beautiful dogs with complex needs but also with a lot of love to give!

Bailey is 9-year-old Border Collie and he is a well-known and beloved face at the centre. Bailey loves to be in the great outdoors where he can explore on walks, play with his toys or spend a sunny afternoon rolling around in the grass. Bailey does love his family and he adores spending time with people he knows and trusts. However, Bailey can be very worried and mistrustful of people and so he is looking for a quiet home which will take him away from the hustle and bustle of the centre and out of the public eye. Bailey’s new owners will need to be able to provide him with his own space and a calm and quiet environment where there are no children and few visitors. With a peaceful and trusting home, Bailey will be able to relax and thrive.

Audrey is a 5-year-old Lurcher who is a pawsitively beautiful pooch with plenty of class and style! Audrey is a very sweet and affectionate girl with her loved ones and she adores being the centre of their attention. Audrey loves to be surrounded by all of her comforts and she will happily spend an afternoon snuggled under blankets on the sofa. Audrey is a very sensitive and shy dog and she is searching for a quiet home, out of the spotlight, where she can be herself and relax. Audrey’s new owners will need to walk her in quiet areas away from other dogs and she would love to have a garden of her own where she can enjoy the sunshine and play.

For regular updates on Audrey, Bailey and all of our other doggos searching for their forever home, follow us on Twitter @DT_WestCalder.