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COVID-19 info: Our rehoming centres are currently closed to the public but you can still adopt some of our dogs: take a look at their profiles to see which ones. We’ve set up a new rehoming process which includes social distancing measures to help keep staff and adopters safe.

Meet our boo-tiful dogs hoping to work their magic this Halloween!

Bertie lying in the Autumn leaves

Dogs Trust’s West Calder Rehoming Centre is currently home to several pawsitively ‘spooktacular’ pooches who love to show off their tricks for treats!

Each of these special doggos loves to learn and play and they are always looking for ways to please their families. And sadly they have been waiting for some time to find their pawfect family to show off their tricks to! With so much joy and love to bring to their future homes, the centre hopes a little touch of magic will strike this Halloween and help to find some fangtastic homes for our pooches!

Meet some of our canine residents searching for their special someone this Halloween…

Bailey Beautiful Bailey is a 9 year old Border Collie. Bailey is an active boy and he loves nothing more than to set out on his walks come rain or shine.

Bailey loves to take his time exploring in the woods or fields and he is always up for a trip in the car to seek out new places just waiting to be discovered!

Bailey is a clever boy who loves to learn new tricks. Sweet Bailey is a sensitive soul who needs an understanding and loving home with owners who are active, patient and able to help Bailey build up his trust and confidence.

Bertie Fun-loving Bertie is a 6 year old Crossbreed. Bertie loves nothing more than to play with his toys at any opportunity he finds! He is an active boy who loves his walks and longs for a garden of his own where he can be at his most content running around playing all kinds of games!

Bertie is looking for an adult only home with active owners who enjoy spending time outside as much as he does. A great way to Bertie’s heart is through play and he adores games of all sorts such as a good game of catch or finding the hidden teddy bear!

Once Bertie knows and trusts you, he is a very loyal and loving boy!

Binx Happy boy Binx is a 6 year old Crossbreed. Binx is an incredibly loyal boy who adores being surrounded by his loved ones and he is always looking for ways to please them! Binx is a super playful and intelligent boy who loves to play games and show off his knowledge of different tricks and commands! In his training Binx has mastered lots of different tricks including ‘High Five’, ‘Wait’ and ‘Send Away’. When he’s not brushing up on his skills, Binx loves to spend time in the garden playing with his toys and relaxing with his family.

Sweet Binx is in need of a quiet adult only home with understanding new owners. Binx enjoys his walks in rural areas where he can relax with his loved ones.

Monty Handsome Monty is a 5 year old Lurcher. Monty is another bundle of fun and joy to be around! He is a very affectionate and friendly boy who will never turn down a cuddle or tummy rub.

Monty is a lively pooch who loves to play with his toys – especially his favourite squeaky ones – set off for walks as well as learn new tricks and engage with his family during training.

Monty is a total people-pooch who loves to be around his family so much he can find it hard to be apart from them. Monty is looking for owners who can spend time with him at home throughout the day and shower him with love and affection.

Rory Rory has a real zest for life! Rory is a 2 year old Crossbreed who loves nothing more than to get involved in any sort of outdoor activity! Some of Rory’s favourite things to do are swimming, digging in the sand-pit and playing a game of football! Rory adores toys, particularly squeaky ones, and he would love to have a garden of his own where he can chase around after them.

Still an enthusiastic youngster, Rory really enjoys his training and he absolutely loves to learn new tricks! Rory would love his new owners to continue with his training and to join him for adventures in the great outdoors!

To find out more about any of our boo-tiful dogs in need a home this Halloween please contact the West Calder Rehoming Centre on 01506 873459 or pop into the centre.

You can also follow Dogs Trust West Calder on Twitter @DT_WestCalder for regular updates on the dogs available for rehoming.