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Celebrating our Old Age Pooches!

Meet two of our special Old Age Pooches looking for retirement homes


This month the team at the West Calder centre are celebrating the OAP’s – Old Age Pooches - currently living there and a special event is due to be held in their honour.

All Old Age Pooches deserve a peaceful and happy retirement and the event, Senior Sunday, will hopefully provide the perfect opportunity for some of them to find their ideal comfy and cosy retirement homes.

Senior Sunday hopes to bring together those, who like many of our dogs, enjoy a peaceful and relaxing lifestyle to come and meet likeminded older pooches who would love nothing more than to kick back, relax and put their paws up in their very own forever home with all the necessary comforts and treats they could ever wish for!

The Senior Sunday event will take place at West Calder Rehoming Centre on Sunday 24th February 2019 and will run from 2pm until 3pm. We hope you will be able to come along and hear all about these fun and sprightly Old Age Pooches and see if you could provide them with their perfect retirement.

Meet two of our special Old Age Pooches who are currently living with foster families:

Einstein – This loveable and gentle lad is a 12 year old Crossbreed who loves nothing more than to be around his family – whether it’s for a good cuddle or to head out for a nice walk together. Einstein is still pretty active and enjoys to run around and have a good roll and scratch in the grass. He’s a very happy boy who will be sure to say hi to everyone he meets. Einstein’s ideal retirement home would be with a loving family who can give him all the love he deserves. He can live with children aged around 14 and older and would be happy living with another dog for a bit of extra company. Einstein would love a garden where he can potter about throughout the day and sniff around or soak up the sunshine.

Spike – Spike is a loveable and polite 14 year old Collie cross who is searching for his perfect retirement home where he can relax and cuddle up with his family. This affectionate and friendly old boy loves nothing more than to be in the company of his family either for a snooze in his cosy bed or when out for a gentle walk and potter about. Spike enjoys making friends and especially loves getting a good scratch or a rub behind the ears! As Spike is at his most content when surrounded by his loved ones, his new owners would hopefully be home most of the time to keep him company. Spike would also like to be the only dog in the house making sure he can put his paws up and relax whenever he feels like it.

We're also featuring all the Old Age Pooches available for rehoming on our twitter page and you can keep up to date with all these lovely OAP’s by following us @DT_WestCalder.