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Calling all Collie lovers!

Four Collies

Renowned for their intelligence and loyalty, Collies make wonderful and loving companions and the Collies at West Calder are no exception!

Each one of our beautiful Collies loves to spend time in the great outdoors and they are all looking for active families who enjoy bounding around the countryside or relaxing in the garden under the sunshine as much as they do!

Whether you enjoy the quiet life and spending your time with close family like Bailey, or you love to explore the hills and woods along with your favourite toy like Finn, - there is the chance one of these lovable Collies may be the perfect companion for you!

Introducing the pawsitively lovable Collies of all shapes and sizes currently at our centre:

Bailey the Collie  Bailey is a beautiful 9 year old Border Collie. Bailey is an active boy and he’s at his happiest when he is going out for a walk. Bailey loves to explore and roll around in the grass and he’s always eager to jump in the car to seek out new places just waiting to be discovered! Bailey is a playful pooch and he loves to play in the garden with his favourite ball whatever the weather! Sweet Bailey is a sensitive boy who needs an understanding and caring home with owners who are active, patient and able to help build up Bailey’s trust and confidence.

Coco the Collie  Coco is a pretty 8 year old Bearded Collie cross searching for her dream home in the countryside. Coco is a really friendly and playful girl who loves to be the centre of attention! Coco adores her family and is always happy to say hi to everyone she meets! Coco loves to spend her time chasing after her ball, exploring fields and woodlands and snoozing away the afternoon in the garden. This sweet girl is looking for a quiet and calm home away from the hustle and bustle of city life where she can relax and get all the love and attention she wants from her loved ones!

  Finn the Collie  Finn is a playful and clever 2 year old Border Collie who loves to spend his time running around outside with his favourite toys! Finn loves to keep himself busy and would spend all day playing games if he could! He enjoys his training and he loves to learn and take in new experiences. Finn is a very sweet and loving lad with people he knows and trusts. He can be worried of strangers and his new owners will need to be patient and help Finn to build a strong and trusting bond. Finn will be happiest living in a rural area where he can enjoy his own space and where he can set off for long and peaceful walks with his family.

Holly Border Collie  Holly is a beautiful 8 year old Border Collie cross. Holly is an active girl who enjoys going for walks in the countryside where she can sniff, explore and have a paddle in streams! Holly loves to play with her toys, especially soft and squeaky ones! Holly is a very sweet and sensitive girl who likes to have her own space in the house. Once she knows and trusts you, she is a very loving and loyal companion. Holly’s ideal home will be a quiet and relaxing space to allow her to thrive and a garden of her own would be a dream come true!

Give the West Calder Rehoming Centre a call on 01506 873459 to find out more about any of our Collies or pop in past and see them for yourself!

You can also follow Dogs Trust West Calder on Twitter @DT_WestCalder for regular updates on all our dogs available for rehoming.