All they want for Christmas… is a forever home!

Finn and Suzie

For the rest of 2019, the West Calder Rehoming Centre will be shining the spotlight onto another two dogs at the centre who are looking for a very special kind of home.

Throughout December the focus is on Border Collie Finn and crossbreed Suzie.

Both Finn and Suzie love to play with their toys! Finn will play games at any chance he gets, and little Suzie loves to run around the garden with her favourite ball. This pair of playful pooches are sweet and sensitive dogs who need patient and understanding owners to take their time building up trusting and loving relationships with them. Both Finn and Suzie are in need of peaceful homes in the countryside.

Both Finn and Suzie are full of fun with a lot of love to give their future owners. But sadly, these two dogs have not had much luck so far in securing a forever home.

The West Calder team hope that bringing these two pooches into the spotlight will help them to find their very own special someone.

Border Collie, Finn Finn is a 3 year old Border Collie who is at his most content playing with his toys! Finn is an active young lad who loves setting off for walks in the countryside and discovering new places to explore.

A typical Collie, Finn loves to keep busy and enjoys playing games in the great outdoors, whether it’s a game of fetch on walks with his family or he’s chasing his favourite toys around the garden.

Finn is a clever boy who loves to learn and take in new and exciting experiences. As Finn can be wary of strangers, he is looking for a quiet and adult only home in a rural area where he can enjoy his own space.

Finn’s new owners will need to be patient and understanding as they build up a trusting bond with him. And once he knows you, he is an incredibly sweet and loving boy!

Suzie, a crossbreed Suzie is a 6 year old crossbreed who loves nothing more than snuggling on the sofa with her favourite people! Suzie is full of fun and her tail never stops wagging whether she’s out investigating on her walks, running around the garden with her ball or rummaging about in the toy box!

Suzie is an active girl who enjoys her walks and loves to go for trips in the car. While Suzie is very sweet and affectionate with people she knows and trusts, she does take her time getting to know new people and can be worried by people approaching her.

Suzie needs her new owners to be patient and understanding with her as they build up a friendship. Suzie is searching for a quiet adult only home where she can have a garden of her own.

The focus on Finn and Suzie will culminate in the latest Spotlight Sunday which takes place at the West Calder Rehoming Centre on Sunday 12th January 2020 from 12pm to 4pm. Spotlight Sunday offers the pawfect opportunity to find out everything you can about Finn and Suzie and see if you can offer them a forever home!

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