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3 reasons to get a Canine Care Card today

As dog lovers there is pretty much nothing we wouldn't do for our pooches.

We get them the best toys, snuggliest beds and tastiest treats. They might not be our whole life but they do make our life whole! You give your dog the best of everything now, but what would happen if you weren’t around?

It can be a difficult subject to think about and talk about, but, if you have ever wondered “What would happen to my dog if I were to die suddenly?” you are not alone! Many responsible dog owners want to make sure their canine friends would be properly looked after no matter what. Thankfully Dogs Trust is here, ready and willing to care for your pup, with our Canine Care Card scheme you can secure your dogs future today!

  1. It's free

    The Canine Care Card scheme is a completely and totally free service available to every dog owner in the UK. There is no charge to sign up and we are always on hand to help if you have any questions along the way.

  2. It's easy

    Getting a Canine Care Card couldn’t be easier! Simply pick up an application form or ask us to send you one and fill it out. We ask for some basic information about you and your pup it help us learn about their personality and individual needs. Once we receive the form and register your dog, we will send you out your Canine Care Card. It’s a wallet sized card that you can carry with you as you would an organ donor card!

  3. It's for your dog

    Our Canine Care Card doesn’t just guarantee you peace of mind, it guarantees your dog’s future is secure. With all the information you give us about your faithful friend we can give them the best possible experience and help them find the perfect home that offers the same tender loving care they are used to. We never put down a healthy dog so you can rest assured your dog will always be safe with us.

So what are you waiting for? Become a Canine Care Card holder today and never worry about the future of your four-legged friend again!

To join the Canine Care Card scheme, you can download a form on our website or call our Supporter Relations team on 020 7837 0006.

If you have any questions about the scheme, get in touch with your local Supporter Relations Officer. You can find their details on our rehoming centre pages.