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Inseparable rescue Huskies find forever home together

Earlier this summer, two Huskies called Lexi and Loki came into Dogs Trust Snetterton Rehoming Centre. Six-year lovely lady Lexi and two-year cheeky lad Loki, were strays, and as they were so inseparable the centre had assumed they had come from the same home. However, after staff checked their records they realised the duo had in fact formed a special friendship whilst previously in kennels together. There was no question that the best friends would need to be rehomed together.

Dogs Trust Snetterton’s Rehoming Centre Manager Diane McLelland-Taylor observed:

“We could clearly see during their time here that they loved each other very much and that they didn’t cope very well when apart, but together they were happy and strong. Bonded pairs bring twice the mischief and joy to their homes and if someone has the capacity to welcome a ‘paw’some couple into the home I would definitely recommend it!”

Whilst it can be challenging to find a home for two large sized dogs, Benjaman Woolner from Bishop's Stortford happily adopted them mid-July.

Tamsin Durston, Canine Behaviour Officer at Dogs Trust said:

“Dogs are a naturally social species and can form incredible friendships with their own species and with other species too! Thanks to the science of canine behaviour, we now understand just how important having social bonds is to dogs, and that having good social skills and being able to get along well with other individuals enables everyone to enjoy the benefits of social living.

“Until recently the focus of welfare provision has been primarily about meeting dogs’ biological needs, but this is only the foundation of good caregiving. There’s now abundant scientific research evidencing that dogs’ emotional, mental and social needs are no different to ours – humans are a social species too - and that a lack of attention to any of these vital areas has a major impact on wellbeing, welfare and behaviour.

“Once a dog’s physiological needs are being met, and they feel safe wherever they are, their social relationships are absolutely vital in providing them happiness - and we can see this through the canine friendships they might form either in kennels, or from having lived together.”

Dogs Trust Snetterton that was home to Lexi and Loki, currently have four more pairs in need of homes! 

They are inseparable Staffordshire Bull Terriers; Stella (aged nine) and Bud (aged ten). They are the best of friends and came into the centre through no fault of their own. Both pooches know their basic commands and enjoy lots of fuss, company and attention. They would like to live with children over eight years and would like a secure garden of their own to play in.

Lottie and Max T, a quirky little and large pairing of Dogue De Bordeaux and Jack Russell Terrier aged six and eight respectively. Max T is more confident of the duo, with Lottie often looking to him for reassurance. This double dose of ‘paw’some can live with children over 14 years and will need a quiet, relaxed home with no other pets. 

Pip and Squeak are a delightful duo of Jack Russell Terriers. Eight-year-old Pip is an adorable little lady who loves her walks, treats and gentle fuss. Two-year-old Squeak is a very friendly and active boy who likes to learn new things. They could potentially live with another canine companion and will need a reasonable sized and secure garden in a quiet area. They’d like to live in a household of humans aged over 14 years.

And soon Maisie the Labrador and her best buddy Alfie the Lhasa Apso cross (another little and large double act!) will be available for rehoming too - keep an eye on the website to find out more about them.

If you are interested in rehoming one of these terrific twosomes,
please contact Dogs Trust on 0300 303 0292