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Dogs Trust Snetterton home to trio of ginger dogs

As the nation prepares for the wedding of its most famous royal red head, Dogs Trust Snetterton is currently home to three ginger-haired males of their own looking for forever homes.

Dogs Trust have revealed that ginger dogs are finding homes faster than ever before. The popularity of flame-furred Fidos has soared in the past year with ginger rescue dogs being rehomed on average four days quicker since 2016 across Dogs Trust 21 Rehoming Centres.

Ginger dogs; from crossbreeds to Cockapoos and Ridgebacks to Red Setters, have always been popular pooches at all rescue centres, but since last year interest in ginger dogs has increased by over ten percent with ginger dogs spending on average 35 days in Dogs Trust rescue centres whilst they wait for their new homes, compared to the average dog which spends 38 days.

Dogs Trust Snetterton’s Rehoming Centre Manager Diane McLelland-Taylor said:

“We hope that our trio of ginger dogs are as lucky in finding their special someone as Prince Harry has been. Alike in colour but all individual personalities with different needs, we firmly believe that there is the perfect owner for every dog out there.

“If you think you could provide the perfect palace for Buster, Link or Buddy come down to the rehoming centre to find out more – we assure you that you will get a royal welcome from our staff.”

Here are the three ginger dogs looking for love at Dogs Trust Snetterton;

Bouncy Buster is a one-and-a-half-year-old Akita who came into the centre as a stray. He’s a lovely, friendly and handsome boy who needs to be the only dog in the home and can live with children over 16. This playful boy will need plenty of physical and mental stimulation. Whilst he does not have any previous training, his love of treats will be very helpful in teaching him. 

Lovely Link is a one-year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross who loves company and will need owners that can be around most of the time. He loves to learn and he loves to play, with humans and with dogs. Link will need a patient home that can offer him plenty of things to do and nice walks, he can be strong on lead and will need access to a secure garden. As Link can be unsure in busy situations, a rural or semi-rural home would suit him best.

Ginger-eared Buddy is a six-year old Jack Russell Terrier and potential new owners must be able to complete multiple visits to see him before adopting him. He’s an energetic chap who can be worried by new situations so will take a little time to trust new people. Buddy loves walks in quiet areas and likes to play fetch with his toys once he knows you. The perfect owners for Buddy would be patient and hands-off to begin with, willing to build a bond up slowly. He’ll need to be the only pet in an adult-only home within a rural location, and have access to a secure garden of his own to play in.

If you think you could be the ‘happy ever after’ for one of these ginger dogs please call 0300 303 0292.