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Dogs Trust resident looking for a permanent stay-cation

As holiday season comes to an end for most of us, Tim the Terrier Cross at Dogs Trust Snetterton has his paws crossed that he is taken on a permanent stay-cation with new owners very soon. 

The clever four-year-old was brought to the centre as a stray by the local dog warden in June. In this short space of time staff got to know him well and helped him to get used to his new surroundings, so that he’s now much more settled and more confident with being touched and wearing a harness. 

Clicker training and target training played a huge part in Tim’s progress. The use of targets meant that staff could transfer his attention to a target when strangers were around and he responded so well that he has learned to behave differently around new people. His handler Leanne can now give him a gentle fuss which he enjoys, and although there is still work to be done on building his confidence with new people - he’s making huge progress thanks to the team! 

As if this wasn’t enough, Tim has even learnt how to pack his own suitcase, so that he is completely ready to be whisked away by his new family with no delay! 

Dogs Trust Snetterton’s Rehoming Centre Manager Diane McLelland-Taylor said:

“Tim has done incredibly well since arriving at the centre.

“He gets very excited when he sees the target come out for training and adores the sound of the clicker – he’s a clever boy that’s happy to keep learning.

“Terrific Tim has even nailed how to pack his things away for when the time comes for him to leave us and begin new adventures in a home. We hope it’s very soon!” 

Tim loves his walks and wants a garden of his own to play and train in. He’ll need a quiet home with humans pals over the age of 16 - and he’d really like to have canine companions on his walks. He’ll need understanding and patient new owners that are willing to continue with his training and take the time to build a bond with him. The charity also provides new owners with post-adoption behavioural support throughout their dog’s lifetime should they need it. 

New owners will need to visit the centre a few times before they take him home and be willing to continue working hard with him.

If you think you could provide the perfect home for Tim, please contact the rehoming centre on 0300 303 0292.