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A 'Great Chihuahua'

Harley and Milly C

A question that has no doubt plagued many of us and kept us awake at night is how many Chihuahuas does it take to make one Great Dane? Well sleep easy, as Dogs Trust Snetterton can reveal that it would currently take 15 Chihuahuas such as 3.1kg Milly C to make up one beautiful 45.8kg Harlequin Great Dane like Harley.

Two and a half year old Milly C and eighteen month old Harley are just two of the 42 dogs currently at Dogs Trust Snetterton who contribute their mini and might pounds to the total 800kgs at the Norfolk-based rehoming centre. All of these pounds are currently hoping that their ‘weight' for a new home will soon be over.

Says Diane McLelland-Taylor, Dogs Trust Snetterton Rehoming Centre Manager:

"Milly C and Harley are at opposite ends of the scale when it comes to their weight but you'd be forgiven for thinking that both were the same size given the characters that the pack into their respective frames! Milly C certainly has a cheeky character, and whilst it can take a while to come out, she does make it known and will head straight to the best seat in the house and claim it for her own!

"Handsome boy Harley has caught the eye of many people since he arrived at the rehoming centre; however he is looking for quite a particular home so his search hasn't quite come to an end just yet. Ideally he would like to be the only pet in a home large enough to cope with his big size!"

The smallest and largest residents of Dogs Trust Snetterton demonstrate the wide range of shapes and sizes of homeless hound that cross the threshold of the rehoming centre. To find out more about either Milly C or Harley please contact the team on 01953 498 377 or visit them at Dogs Trust Snetterton, North End Road, Snetterton, NR16 2LD.