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Will Christmas come early for Holly & Ivy?

Best furry friends Holly and Ivy, from Dogs Trust Snetterton are hoping that Christmas comes early for them this year as the pair look for a new owner with a home, and a heart, big enough for two. 

Chihuahua Holly and Jack Russell terrier Ivy were rehomed together by the centre two years ago, but unfortunately due to a change in their owner’s circumstances, the girls were returned to the kennels in June. 

Staff at Dogs Trust Snetterton are now hoping to find the sweet little dogs a new home, where they can bring twice the love to another family. 

Dianne McLelland-Taylor, centre manager, said:

“Holly and Ivy are the best of friends and need new owners who are willing to take them together. While adopting two dogs is twice the responsibility, it’s also very rewarding and double the love – and these two small dogs have lots to give. 

“Holly is a sweet but shy girl who takes time to trust new people. Once she gets to know you though, she’s very affectionate and enjoys a gentle fuss. Ivy is also a little wary about new people and will take her time getting to know new people before having a fuss. 

“Holly and Ivy enjoy quiet walks together, and Holly would love a garden to potter around in. Ivy would like new owners who will carry on her training so she can add a few more things to her repertoire of tricks!” 

Holly and Ivy need an adult home and could live with teenagers aged 16 or over. They would like to be the only pets in the house. 

Is Ivy growing on you? Could you be a home for Holly? If you’d like to know more about these gorgeous girls, please call 01953 666888.