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Is this the saddest looking dog in Britain? Paw-ssibly not

Given his expression here, you could be forgiven for thinking that rescue dog Bilbo looks down in the dumps. But, despite appearances to the contrary, Bilbo is actually one happy chappy – as he awaits a new owner and a forever home at Dogs Trust, Snetterton

Bilbo is a big, bouncy boy who has bags of energy and loves learning new things. He loves his toys and treats and likes to keep busy with lots of walks, games, training and toys. So why does his outward appearance make him look so sad? 

Experts at Dogs Trust have advised that dogs have their own set of expressions and body language and we can’t always apply our own human facial expressions to those of our furry friends. 

Tamsin Durston, Dogs Trust Behaviour Officer said:

“When humans feel sad, we might furrow our brows and turn the corners of our mouth downwards, but the same cannot be said of dogs, such as Bilbo. Many people still struggle to read dog body language and facial expressions, misinterpreting what they’re trying to communicate. For instance, Bilbo laying on his back may be communicating that he needs space, not his tummy rubbed.” 

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If you are interested in rehoming Bilbo, please visit Dogs Trust Snetterton or call the team on 01953 498377.