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The dog police academy

Snettertons own police dogs

A few weeks back two of our residents here at Snetterton were chosen to become a very special kind of pooch.

Vinnie & Luna are becoming police dogs!

Vinnie who’s gone off to serve the South Wales police.

Passing his first phase Vinnie is well on the way to become a specialist police dog. Meaning he will help the force in all sorts of ways. We get updates on Vinnie’s progress and he will start his official training in the new year. We wish Vinnie all the luck and look forward to see him graduate as South Wales new police dog!

Luna a springer cross was also chosen by the Peterborough and Cambridge police force, unlike Vinnie she was chosen to be a explosive detection dog, also known as sniffer dogs. She will be trained to sniff out explosives, and help prevent from dangerous bombs going off. This is very important work and seeing as dogs have such a strong sense of smell, humans only have about 5 million scent receptors where is dogs have 220 million! That is 40 times more!

We are very pleased Luna and Vinnie are doing so well and will be awesome at what they do! Good luck to both of them!