A paw-fect day with Isla

Isla is a sweet 4-year-old Dobermann, who arrived at Dogs Trust, Snetterton at the beginning of April 2021. Since she arrived at the centre, Isla has built a great bond with her canine carers. Isla is a clever girl and has been kept busy with training; she is a big foodie and loves her treats. To give you the chance to get to know this gorgeous girl a little more, we thought we would share a day with Isla.

Isla starts the day nice and early as she eagerly awaits breakfast. Isla is a big foodie and is always excited to receive yummy meals, but she knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Once she has licked the bowl clean and made sure not one crumb is left, she entertains herself by playing with her favourite toys.


Then it’s time to go for walkies, she loves to be out and about with her canine carers, her favourite thing to do is to chase a ball in our off-lead areas. She also loves to sniff and explore the surroundings; she can be strong on the lead so will need adopters who can manage this. Isla is quite an independent girl and will come to you when she is ready for a gentle fuss.

After she has burned off some energy, her canine carers will spend some time on training. Isla is a clever girl and spending time training with her helps to build a bond. She already knows "sit" and "paw", she is also muzzle trained and comfortable wearing her muzzle which she will need to wear when out and about.

After some time, training, she heads back to her kennel where she settles in to her bed for so much needed rest, and before she knows it time for dinner. Once she has made sure there is nothing left, she heads off to sleep, ready for more fun tomorrow!

Isla is looking for a special home with patient adopters, somethings Isla would like in a home are:

  • Her new home must be in a quiet area, without to many comings and goings and away from busy areas she may find overwhelming and react to.
  • Access to quite walks away from too many people or other dogs. 
  • She will need an enclosed garden, with at least 6ft fencing, for her to burn off some energy and relax in. To allow her to settle in her new home, there must not be neighbouring dogs either side of her new home.
  •  Isla is looking for an adult only home, with minimal visitors until she is settled. 
  • She would like to be the only pet in the home and would like adopters to be home with her all of the time initially.

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know Isla. If you think you could change the tale, for sweet Isla, head to her profile and click the "Rehoming me starts here" button. This gorgeous girl will need to meet her new family a few times to build a bond, therefore we can only accept applications for Isla within a 1 hour travelling time of the Centre, NR16 2LD.