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Here come the girls!

Can you offer the pawfect forever home for one of our 3 Staffy girls?

We currently have three fun and fabulous female Staffordshire Bull Terriers in our care.

Each of these girls has a unique personality and their own needs, and will make a wonderful addition to the right home.

So, if you’re a Staffy lover, or just want to get to know a few of our wonderful residents- keep reading!

Firstly, we have Roxy- a bright and bubbly 8-year-old staffy who loves being active. She likes to keep busy and will need lots of mental stimulation like toys, games and positive reinforcement training in her forever home. She is a clever girl with tons of potential and has already learnt to ‘Sit’, target a platform and more.

She is looking for an adult-only home with adopters who will take her on interesting walks where she can sniff and explore. Roxy needs to be the only pet in the home, but she can meet other calm dogs out on walks as long as they leave her to do her own thing.

Roxy takes a little time to build relationships with people, so she needs adopters who are happy to take things at her pace. When she feels comfortable, she’s a friendly girl who enjoys human company and a little fuss. Roxy has a really fun and lively nature- she’s just looking for that special someone to play with.


Belle is a sweet and playful 4-year-old deaf staffy looking for a home. Our Training and Behaviour team has worked closely with Belle and she now understands quite a few hand signals which will help future adopters to communicate with her effectively. Belle knows the hand signals for 'ready' 'look at me' 'walk on' and more- impressive right?

Belle’s favourite things are a game of fetch, tasty treats and spending time with her favourite handlers. She would like for her adopter to be with her for most of the time in her new home, as she loves human company. She will need plenty of time to settle in and find her paws, as she can be a little worried by new environments.

Belle would like to be the only pet in a quiet adult-only home where she feels safe, but she can walk with other calm dogs who give her space. Belle is a special girl looking for a special someone to help her reach her potential and gain confidence- could that be you?


Sarah is the youngest of the staffy girl-gang at 2-years-old and she certainly still has the puppy-like zest for life! She is a bubbly girl who enjoys interesting walks, training and playtime. Sarah is a very bright girl and already knows 'Sit' 'Paw' and 'Down' and can target a platform. She would like to continue her positive reinforcement training in her new home as it’s a great source of mental stimulation.

Sarah loves people and makes a friend out of everyone she meets. She can be a little nervous at first, but if you go at her pace, you’ll be besties in no time. Friendly girl Sarah struggles to be left alone and needs someone who can keep her company all the time in her forever home.

Sarah would like to be the only pet in the home (so she can get lots of attention!) but she does enjoy spending time with other dogs and would love some canine chums to meet up with on walkies. Sarah is a wonderful girl with a big heart- could give her the forever home she deserves?


If you would like to find out more about these gorgeous girls or any of their neighbours at Dogs Trust Snetterton please have a look at their rehoming profiles up on the website.

If you are interested in adopting one of the available dogs, please email us at [email protected] to receive a Homefinding Questionnaire.