Snetterton’s Sarah the Staffy enjoys sleepover

Sarah staffy

1-year-old Staffordshire cross Sarah enjoyed a fun-filled sleepover with her favourite canine carer.

Sarah is a lovely young girl with heaps of personality and potential who just hasn’t found her paw-fect match yet. This sociable girl loves having company, so Canine Carer Molly took her home for a sleepover, which Sarah loved- as you can see from the photos!

Sarah loves the company of both people and dogs, so she enjoyed hanging out with Molly’s dogs in her home and playing with them out on walks. She would like to live with a confident dog in her forever home, who she can play with and learn from.

Sarah in the woods Sarah and some four-legged friends enjoyed a walk on the sleepover, where they played in muddy fields and splashed around in the water. Sarah thoroughly enjoys going on interesting and varied walks like this where she can keep busy and burn off some energy.

Sarah playing in the mud Sarah is a lively girl and would love to find an adopter who also enjoys going on fun walks and playing games with her to keep her entertained. She would also love a secure garden to explore and play in with her two and four-legged friends.

Sarah doesn’t enjoy being left alone and would love for her adopters to be with her for most of the time, especially whilst she settles in and finds her paws.

She is a very intelligent girl who knows ‘Sit’, ‘Paw’ and ‘Down’ and shows great potential to learn more. Molly and the other canine carers have been spending time teaching Sarah positive behaviours and it would be great for her to continue learning in her new home.

Canine Carer Molly said:

‘Sarah finds it hard to be on her own, so it’s important that we find an adopter who can be with her for a lot of the time. She’s really fun to be around and has so much potential as she’s only young and she’s very bright. I hope that she finds her forever family soon, as she’s much happier in a home environment.’

Sarah sitting

Sarah has her paws-crossed and hopes that soon she will find a home to have sleepovers at every night. You can find out more about Sarah here.