Long-term dogs celebrate first Christmas in forever homes

We caught up with the adopters of ex-residents Rupert and Rex who each found their forever homes during lockdown and are now looking forward to spending Christmas with their loved ones.

During such an whirlwind of a year, we at Dogs Trust Snetterton are so pleased to have continued rehoming dogs to loving homes - adapting to follow the rules and restrictions along the way. Since the beginning of the pandemic, our centre has successfully rehomed 104 dogs!

To spread some much needed cheer and positivity this festive season, we thought we’d share two heart-warming updates from ex-residents who will spend Christmas (and every day after that) in their wonderful loving homes.

Rupert’s story


Rupert the collie first arrived at Dogs Trust Snetterton as a puppy in December 2013, and spent six years in a home before he found himself back in our care.

Rupert is a sensitive lad and doesn’t cope well with loud noises, so we were looking for a rural home with a kind and patient adopter. He also was not keen on other canines and needed access to quiet walks away from dog-populated areas. Rupert needed someone who could understand his sensitivities and see that he is also a sweet lad with loads of love to give.

Because of his quirks, it took a little while until Rupert met his special someone. He was handed in to us just after Christmas on 3rd Jan 2020 and spent 193 days waiting for his forever home.


He was adopted in July and has settled in brilliantly since. Rupert’s adopter said:

‘Me and Rupert are doing fantastically. It has been a tough time for us all but having his companionship has been amazing and has helped me pull through. He is so loving (even if he does have the occasional grumpy side!) and always knows how to cheer me up after a difficult day! He has settled amazingly well, I think the home is now more his than mine!’

‘The adoption process was fantastic, with several sensible measures in place to make it safe, and it was obvious from when I first met him that we had bonded instantly! Rupert has gone from being fairly independent (unless he wanted to play fetch!) to now joining me curled up on the sofa and constantly demanding fuss! Rupert has been amazing and I cannot thank the Dogs Trust enough.’

‘In preparation for Christmas I have slowly been socialising him with my parent's dog. Those who know Rupert know this is a big task, but he was so well behaved and actually seems to be really enjoying his little doggy dates!’

Rex's story


Rex was a firm favourite amongst his Canine Carers whilst he was with us, because of his playful personality and love for all things fun!

Despite his wonderful personality, Rex’s quirks meant the lively lad waited 15 months at the centre until his forever home came along. His adopters spotted this photogenic lad on the website and said: ‘He looked very handsome, lovable and fun, especially with him wearing his bandanna.’ Love at first sight!

Rex’s new family visited him multiple times at the centre to build a good relationship with him before he was ready to go home on 23rd July 2020.

‘Throughout the rest of the summer he loved being in his garden and spent many happy hours outside playing and sleeping in the sunshine. He could run freely off his lead and spent time bonding with us. Considering the major change to his life he adapted very quickly.’

‘Rex loves his food and spending time in the kitchen when we are cooking, whenever we come in with the shopping bags he puts his head straight in them hoping to find a toy or some treats or food he can eat before it goes in the cooking pot. He enjoys his garden immensely and playing ball games and find-it games. He has regular visitors who speak to him, play games and give him treats through the gate. He likes his telly time in the evening, when we sit with him and we all relax. He loves having his cuddles and being made a big fuss of by both of us.’


Rex’s adopters are dedicated to helping Rex become the happiest, best version of his wonderful self:

‘We had to seek advice from the Dog's Trust staff at Snetterton and the charities behavioural team in order to take new steps with Rex and make his life fulfilled, which is an ongoing process.’

‘Rex has brought so much joy to our lives. There's been the challenges as well, but we're learning and developing together as a family. We've recently celebrated Rex's 6th birthday with friends, playing games and singing happy birthday to him.’

We hope these happy ever after stories bring you as much joy as they do us. Merry Christmas!