Can you give this doggy double-act their ‘fur-ever’ home?

Chihuahua-cross Ella, and Staffordshire-cross Chunk

This little and large duo are the best of friends and can’t wait to be rehomed together. Seven-year-old chihuahua-cross Ella, and her best furry friend Chunk, a six-year-old Staffordshire cross, are looking for their ‘fur-ever’ home.

They arrived at Dogs Trust Snetterton in early December and are so excited to have a place to call home (hopefully with a comfy sofa they can both snooze on).

These pooches are inseparable. They love going on walks together, playing together and sleeping at each-others side. Ella and Chunk make each other feel safe and at ease and will need to be rehomed together.

Ella is small but full of personality and loves meeting new people. Although she is more outgoing than Chunk, this chalk and cheese pair are the best of friends none the less. Ella has such a huge character and when she feels comfortable, she’ll show you her funny, cheeky side- like when she does a handstand whilst she goes to the toilet! She would love for her new family to be with her at the home whilst she settles in and she’ll need a little housetraining refresher.

Chunk certainly lives up to his name, even more so when he stands next to his petite pal Ella. He is a gentle giant for sure and loves nothing more than to cuddle up next to his best friend. Chunk can become nervous in new and overwhelming situations and feels so much better with Ella at his side. Chunk is young at heart and is happy to learn new tricks and commands in return for a tasty snack.

They might look like an unlikely duo, but when you meet them you can see that they are the best paw-some pals.

If you think you could give Ella and Chunk the forever home that they deserve, please contact our Snetterton Rehoming Centre on 01953 666888.