Could you be Ruby’s paw-fect match this Valentines?

Ruby, a Lurcher in front of a valentines message

Meet Dogs Trust Snetterton’s precious gem Ruby, who’s hoping a very special someone will find a place in their heart for her.

Ruby is a 3-year-old lively lurcher with heaps of personality. She’s a lovely sociable girl and once you’ve built a relationship with her, she’ll love having a fuss and some affection.

Ruby has made lots of human friends whilst she’s been at the centre and we know that she is a loving and loyal canine-companion. She’s a joy to be around and when you’re with her there is never a dull moment.

Ruby is a special girl who loves to be around people and is looking for a bestie who enjoys her company as much as she loves theirs.

Ruby needs a BFF who can keep her company for most of the time, as she finds it hard to be by herself. We know that there’s someone out there who is missing a loyal, fun-loving, friendly dog- and Ruby definitely fits that description.

Ruby loves being active and bounding around outdoors, so she’d LOVE a secure garden to stretch her legs in.

She’s a playful girl and is looking for an adopter who will spend time having fun with her and keeping her stimulated. This busy girl loves playing tug-of-war, fetch and basically any game where she can have fun!

Ruby could live with a similar sized canine pal in her new home, who will be tolerant of her playful nature. If you’re looking for a walking buddy, then Ruby could be the girl for you, as she loves getting out and about on varied and interesting walks.

Lovely Ruby is an intelligent girl and already knows some commands including Sit, Lie Down and Paw. She’s always happy to learn new things- especially if she gets a treat in reward for her efforts!

Ruby would like her new family to continue teaching her new things, which will be a rewarding way to build a bond with each other.

Overall, she is a well-mannered girl- however she can forget her manners around food from time to time. Ruby can mouth when over excited by food and may guard food, so will need a patient adopter who can work on this with her.

Ruby puts a smile on everyone’s faces and is such a cheerful, bright girl. Ruby really deserves to find her fur-ever home soon as she has lots of potential and so much love to give.

As she is looking for quite a special home, Ruby has been waiting at the centre for little while now, but she has her paws crossed it won’t be for much longer!

Ruby is one of many dogs with different needs and personalities waiting at the centre for their soulmate. Check out the other dogs available for rehoming in case you spot ‘The One’. Remember that a Dog is for Life and not just for Valentine’s day.

If you think that you and Ruby are a compatible pair, please contact Dogs Trust Snetterton on 01953 666888 or visit us at the centre.